How can I order the ceremony only package?

  • Tear off slips for Package #4 ONLY, along with a copy of the bank deposit slip, must be faxed to (868) 633 7477 or emailed to for your order to be processed.

  • PLEASE DO NOT MAIL (Postal Service) THE SLIPS.

  • Payment can be made:

    • At the UWI (St. Augustine) branch of Republic Bank with the deposit slip provided at the bank.

    • By visiting our studio in Diego Martin.

What should I wear for my portrait?

  • Plain White shirts/blouses with collars must be worn.
  • Men must wear ties.
  • Men and women should be well groomed. (Please bring your combs, brushes and facial powder).
  • Personal Image Photo Studio (PIPS) will provide all the Gowns & Hoods for the photography sessions.

When will packages be delivered?

  • All packages - for portraits taken before October 25th 2018- will be mailed via TTPOST Couriers by March 14th, 2019 to the address supplied on the tear-off slip. 
  • Someone must sign to receive your package, therefore, if there isn’t anyone at home during the day, please consider having your photos delivered to your workplace.
  • Packages with overseas addresses will be sent via Registered Mail.
  • NOTE: All packages returned to PIPS must be collected at our office. PIPS (Personal Image Photo Studio) is not responsible for any packages not delivered/collected within 6 months of the graduation date.  If you have not received/collected your package, claims would not be entertained after the 6-month period has expired.

YEARBOOK PHOTOS (undergraduates only) 

Please note that your graduation portrait (undergraduates only) would be used in UWI's 2018 Yearbook The yearbook photo is NOT a separate photo from the graduation portrait.  If your graduation portrait has not been taken, your photo/ image would not appear in the yearbook. (For further information regarding the yearbook please contact UWI Student Advisory Services).

For other queries please contact Personal Image Photo Studio (PIPS).    

1 868 222 7845/ 1 868 633 7477.

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